Patty Felker

An award-winning songwriter, lyricist, arranger, author, and President of Noteworthy Christian Music (ASCAP), Patty Felker resides with her husband, Rick, in Durham, NC.  She played the piano, flute, and guitar most of her life, but didn't begin writing music until she turned 40 years old , after making a simple, prayerful request of God to help her write a song. Since then, she has written over 200 pieces, of many different styles, from orchestral to choral, to Inspirational, Country Christian, Pop/Rock, Praise and Worship, and Hymns.  She has co-written several songs with Vivian Moore, a poet and songwriter, from Raleigh, NC.

"From the beginning of my music ministry, I have had one thought in mind: to glorify God, and to give back to Him what He has so graciously given to me. I want to honor God in everything: my life, my music, and my legacy. I pray that the music I've written, and continue to write, will uplift, encourage, and challenge the church worldwide. It is my wholehearted intention to write lyrics which are based on the word of God and honor Him."

Vivian Moore

Vivian Moore is a poet, songwriter, and author. She co-writes with Patty Felker on several songs in the Noteworthy Christian Music catalog.

She is passionate about the Lord, and about seeking and saving the lost. She has been writing poetry for close to 30 yrs, and has built a large collection which she is turning into a series of books. The first book of her series is "In His Arms", a book of encouragement for her brothers and sisters in Christ. She is also writing a poetry and prose book about her life story, called "A Long Journey Home" which is in the editing phase.

In 2004, Vivian began writing music with Patty Felker. The two have penned over a half-dozen works, including:

Spacious Place
His Love Can Be
It's Not Over
Love to Keep

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God bless you,
Patty Felker, President of Noteworthy Christian Music

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