Psalm 139 Song (You Carry Me)
Hope you enjoy this uplifting, inspirational music video from Noteworthy Christian Music that sings about God being our Creator and Sustainer. He carries us through every minute of our lives. Beautiful vocals; stunning pictures!
Press Release:
Noteworthy Christian Music's song "Psalm139 Song (You Carry Me)" is being featured Sunday mornings on the Women of Substance Radio ten o'clock Sunday morning program for the month of August 2016. The online radio station, located at has been owned and operated by Bree Noble since 2007 and plays the BEST music by female artists in all genres. Bree's vision for the station from the outset was to promote quality female Indie Artists by providing a platform where their music could be heard alongside icons like Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Carly Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Adele, Mariah Carey, Sarah McLachlan and so many more. It is an honor to have our work selected to be played in the Sunday morning program.



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